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It's official - Freuds Group has acquired Lawless Studio. After three years of going solo as a business, we have joined forces with one of the UK's biggest PR firms and media groups.

It's official. Something we've been dying to share for a while now. Lawless Studio officially joins Freuds Group.

It was an easy decision for us. After I met with Arlo (CEO) and Matthew (Chairman) at their offices near Tottenham Court Road, it was clear to me how invested and enthused they were by our world of 'visual impact'.

In fact, artistic endeavour has been a central part of what matters to Freuds throughout its history, therefore joining forces with little old us at Lawless Studio actually feels like a really natural fit.

The guys at Freuds will help us continue our core aims of delivering substantial visual impact through our work, delivering fame moments for our partners, all whilst getting artists get paid! (that last bit is really important!) 

“Freuds has spent nearly 40 years at the forefront of creative disruption in the marketing and communications industry, and I’m thrilled to further strengthen our hand through the acquisition of Lawless Studio,” said Freuds chief executive Arlo Brady.

“Lawless is an exciting and dynamic agency that will help us to better tap into culture, support artists and adopt guerrilla marketing tactics that give our clients the edge. I’m looking forward to working with Josh, his team, as they bring remarkable ‘artist-led’ ideas to life, driving fame, reputation and behaviour change for our clients all around the world,” he said.

We have so many huge plans for the years ahead. The first thing we did once we arrived at Freuds Group was to emblazon a giant LAWLESS on the front window, to show the guys inside what we're about (clue - turning heads and making noise!) 

The next thing we did was to invite artists down to the space - artists we've come to know over the years, who we've worked with time and time again on projects. We showed them around the space, the art collection, and talked future plans.

There is so much appetite from our artists to do amazing things. Now it's on us to make those happen.